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Posted by Rainer Ephgrave on 04:17 PM, 09-Feb-15

Housing tools and garden accessories is pretty much a necessity for most home owners who have a yard or garden space to their property. While it may seem like a fairly effortless purchase in getting a suitable shed for your backyard, there are several key points that one should consider e.g. What type of items do you need to store, does it need to be secure, how exposed will your shed be to wind and weather extremes, how much space do you actually need, how often will you go to your shed? These may seem like simple questions to answer but finding the right yard shed for your storage needs can be trickier than you think when it comes to making the right choice. A modern concept that has replaced the traditional wooden shed these days is the vinyl shed. While there are various makes of such products on the market. Namely Duramax vinyl sheds are definitely the leaders in this field. Vinyl is highly durable material for the most part is maintenance free. While Duramax offer quite a varied range of yard sheds in all sizes, here we are looking the Duramax 4x8 Sidemate vinyl shed which is an iconic little shed from the company. [link: diy shed kit] The Duramax Sidemate is designed to sit on the side of a house or a fence, providing a narrow profile which can be useful for utilizing tight spaces which might otherwise be wasted. The hard vinyl exterior provides durable shielding against the elements, keeping everything inside stored dryly and securely. Vinyl sheds are an excellent solution to outdoor storage, resisting common problems suffered by metal sheds such as denting or rusting, or the pitfalls of wood such as mildew and rot. The highly resilient plastic is also fire retardant, though fortunately we have not tested to what degree. At over 190 cubic feet of storage space the Duramax 4x8 sidemate shed fits into the category of small storage sheds within Duramax's range of storage buildings. At 8ft deep and 4 ft wide it will provide a sizeable amount of storage. The lean-to roof is unique to this model with it's steel reinforce truss system it will easily deflect water from pooling or handle any amount of snow load unlike some other brands which can collapse with winter snow load. The wall panels are also reinforced with galvanized steel to create a durable and ridged structure making it easy to install a Duramax shelving system or other Duramax accessories as your needs require. Unlike many other types of diy shed kits the Sidemate shed comes with a foundation floor kit that makes it pretty easy to assemble. Once the floor kit is assembled and placed in position and levelled, assembling the actual shed is relatively easy as this provides the perfect footprint for your building. When one has the shed erected it will be necessary to place a sheet of 3/4 plywood ( not included with kit) to complete the job. This ideally elevates the floor c.2 inches and will help to keep your contents of the ground. The door, 30 inches wide, is spacious enough to get most things through. It has never presented a problem when loading and unloading. The hinges are always smooth and functional. The door is also reversible, allowing you to place the door on either side of the shed to customize it to your unique needs. To provide added peace of mind and to deter thieves, the pre-drilled eyelets provide an ideal location to secure a padlock. Duramax sheds in general have earned a good reputation with their high spec vinyl that is designed for the southern states in particular so much so that they offer a 15 year warranty on any vinyl shed which is more than other suppliers offer. The Duramax 4x8 sidemate comes with same warranty and will ensure years of maintenance free storage use. Conclusion; If you need a compact, secure and reliable storage shed for your home this season, then getting a Duramax 4x8 Sidemate Vinyl Shed will easily solve your storage needs.

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